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What is required?

  • Relevant experience in hospitality
  • Able to coach, inspire and lead a team
  • Entrepreneurial character, very customer-friendly and excellent communication skills
  • Good command of the English language
  • Prepared to work different (weekend) shifts

What will you get?

  • €2.950 gross per month (including holiday pay, based on full-time employment), excluding tips
  • 38 working hours
  • 25 vacation days
  • Order meals from the card for a small fee (based on current tax regulations)
  • Reimbursement of telephone and travel costs (above 10 km), staff discount
  • Team events, various (leadership) trainings and visits to other European Le Pain Quotidien cities

What will you do?

  • 60% Being a host and helping out on the floor
  • 10% Managing staff
  • 10% Opening and closing the store
  • 5% Administration
  • 5% Making and checking orders
  • 5% Tidying up and cleaning
  • 5% Making and checking schedules

This vacancy has been created based on interviews with employees to help you get a realistic preview of the job.

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Arne Altmann

Managing Director


As a Manager at Le Pain Quotidien, you are responsible for the success of your restaurant. You are the face of the location and ensure that guests are satisfied and have a good time at LPQ. You achieve this by leading a strong team.

You make the schedule, manage the staff, make sure the shop looks neat and see that the orders are carried out correctly. Using delivery tests, you check the orders and ensure that there is not too much or too little stock of products. You can check this by means of delivery lists. You also make the rosters. Employees indicate their availability via a roster app, after which you fill in the gaps by scheduling employees manually. You give employees training on the job and keep a close eye on everything. You are also the point of contact for complaints, which you adequately resolve.

Together with the Assistant Manager you lead a team that consists of Kitchen staff, Hosts and occasionally temporary staff.

If you enjoy making guests happy, get along well with different types of people, and find it challenging to work hard, then this is a job for you.

Working week

Mark te Winkel

On an enjoyable working day, you are in the restaurant with a strong team and the atmosphere between you is very good. You also get regular compliments from guests about the delicious food, and you have a high revenue.

On a less enjoyable day, an employee is sick so you have to work extra hard all day. Also, something went wrong with the order, causing an ingredient to be out of stock.

    • Receiving order and open store
    • Lunch
    • Being a host and helping out on the floor
    • Being a host and helping out on the floor
    • Checking order
    • Lunch
    • Counting cash register
    • Cleaning up
    • Fixing replacement for sick colleague
    • Being a host and helping out on the floor
    • Being a host and helping out on the floor
    • Counting cash register
    • Cleaning up
    • Progress meeting with colleague
    • Onboarding new colleague
    • Being a host and helping out on the floor

Firsthand experience

An employee calls in sick. What do you do?

You respond empathically to your sick colleague and then find a solution to this gap in the schedule as soon as possible. You call some Managers from other branches where there is a strong team to ask if they can spare someone, or you arrange for a temporary worker. If this doesn't work, you can send a message in the group chat. You are also very happy if someone can help out, for example, from 12:00 to 15:00. If it is not possible to arrange a replacement (for the whole day), then you can close off part of the store for guests, or you can turn off only half of the terrace for example. This way, despite the shortage, you can offer guests the excellent service you strive for.


Growth is one of the four cultural pillars at Le Pain Quotidien. Le Pain Quotidien invests in training, development and team building of all employees. It even has its own training curriculum and academy: the Farming Academy. Here Hosts inspire each other and learn from each other to become even better Hosts and where quality and authenticity are of paramount importance.

Assistent Manager
District Manager

Working at Le Pain Quotidien NL

Le Pain Quotidien (French for 'daily bread') is a bakery-restaurant chain founded in 1990 by Alain Coumont. Alain was dissatisfied with the quality of bread in Brussels, so he started making his own sourdough bread using only four ingredients: water, flour, salt and time. Now Le Pain Quotidien has more than two hundred restaurants in fifteen countries, spread over three continents.

Are you interested in an engaging management internship or graduation assignment at the headquarters in Amsterdam? Then fill out this form right away and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities!

  • Headquarters in Brussels, Amsterdam, London and Paris
  • Several restaurants in Amsterdam
  • 5.000 employees worldwide
  • 85 werknemers in the Netherlands
  • Active in 15 countries
  • 41% / 59%
  • Average age 29 years
  • Black outerwear


Emmanuel Kofi - Kitchen Host

Why did you decide to work for this company?
Food makes people happy and especially good food makes people happy! There are not many other jobs where you can make people happy every day. It's good to see your regulars come in knowing they've come because they love the food and services you provide as a Kitchen Assistant.

What did you study?
Bsc Marketing and Informatica.

What do you do in your spare time?
Shopping, working out and clubbing with friends.

Lenka - Shiftleader

Why did you decide to work for this company?
The favorable working hours, the pleasant working atmosphere and the opportunities that are offered.

What was your previous job?

Margot - Host

Why did you decide to work for this company?
Le Pain Quotidien was already known to me, I went there several times for breakfast. My sister started there as a student and once a shop opened near where I lived I saw my chance to start there.

What was your previous job?
Student at Carrefour.

What do you do in your spare time?
Going out for drinks and good food.

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